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Right now we work full-time, send our kids to school, play soccer, and do all the things "normal" people do, but we want more. We want to show our kids the world and learn along the way. This blog is me trying to figure out how.

Thursday, July 19, 2012

Mid Life Crisis?

OK, I made this page a LONG time ago thinking I was going to be some sort of mommy food blogger.  Clearly that didn't happen, and in the interim I've become interested in other things as well.  Mostly I'm becomming restless, and I'm trying to figure out why.  My job is fine, I love my husband and my two daughters, I have great friends, I live in a town that is just OK, but I can handle it for now, etc., etc., etc.  So what's the problem?

The problem, my friends, is this:

This is Giraffe Manor.  See that lovely old house?  It's sort of a bed and breakfast.  See those giraffes?  Those giraffes live on the grounds of that house and stick their heads through the windows to say hello or try to eat your breakfast or just lick you with their big, squishy tongues.  I really want to go see those giraffes in my lifetime, and the problem is that they are located in Kenya.  Kenya is a long way away, and the only way to get there is to TRAVEL.

I think travel is my problem, and I'm at a bit of a loss.

When you get to a certain age (40 for me), you start to realize you are no longer 20 or 30, and all the things you thought you would do in your 20's and 30's didn't get done.  I realize I still have time left, but I'm not getting any younger, and I want my time here to matter.  I want to DO SOMETHING with my life.  I want to be someone when I grow up.  And I want to set an example for my girls.

So here's the thing:  I'm thinking about something crazy.  What if my husband and I quit our jobs (or took leaves of absence, or figured out jobs we could do from anywhere, or SOMETHING), pulled the girls out of school and went on the road for a year?  Could we do that?  Could we make that happen?  Even if we didn't go to Giraffe Manor, we could just drive around the US and maybe Canada or Mexico and see all sorts of things and meet all sorts of people and have adventures we would talk about for the rest of our lives.  People do this kind of thing all the time.  There are quite a few blogs dedicated to just this sort of life.  But are we those people?  I hope the answer is yes.

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