Why I Write This Stuff Down

Right now we work full-time, send our kids to school, play soccer, and do all the things "normal" people do, but we want more. We want to show our kids the world and learn along the way. This blog is me trying to figure out how.

Monday, July 24, 2017

Why Does This Blog Exist?

I'm changing my idea of what this blog is. I've been re-reading old posts lately, and so much has changed since I started this several years ago. Here's a summary:

  • Really into the American food system. Like, really, really.
  • Planning to take the family on a year-long road trip and roadschool the kids.
  • Paid off debts and trying to save as much money as possible.
  • Still concerned about the food system, but scaled down to a manageable size: my family. I do what I can to help us all make good choices about food and avoid frankenfoods, but I have also lightened up a bit, thank goodness. I still think "Everything in moderation" is bullshit, but I'm far less obsessed than I was several years ago.
  • I'm in the middle of reinventing myself a bit; since January, 2017 I've lost 27 pounds and have started going to the gym with one of my girls twice a week - UPDATE: my other daughter and husband have recently joined the gym, too, and now we all go together at least once per week in addition to my other trips! It's turning into really awesome family time. I hope to lose 3-10 more pounds. I won't be that annoying friend who talks about exercise and weight loss constantly, but I'm sure I will write about it.
  • We still want to travel, but we are aiming for more of a two-week to one-month sabbatical than a quit-our-jobs free for all. We got passports!!!
  •  Since the 2016 presidential election I have been so much more active in politics than ever before. I am shocked and saddened by the direction I see my country moving in, to the point where I consider the benefits of moving out of the US on an almost daily basis, mostly for my children.
  • Parenting in the US is a competitive sport and makes me furious and sad. I'm trying to raise my girls to be independent, confident and content. I don't believe parenting is easy, but I think people make it way too hard in almost every way.
  • America fascinates me, and I have ideas for several posts on weird things I've noticed that seem to be accepted by most people. We're obsessed with "happiness;" we don't take our vacation time; we are preached to about independence and bootstraps from the time we're little, and as a result we don't want to take care of anyone but ourselves; etc.
  • We should still be saving more money.
So that's just for starters. Instead of concentrating on the three subjects at the top, I need to use this as more of a general thought-space. I hope you'll come along.